Rob Lowe To Direct “Butterfinger the 13th”

No this is not a joke, but thankfully the project in question isn’t taking itself seriously either. Forget novels, plays, TV shows, video games, board games, toys and other films, there’s a new fertile ground of existing brands ripe for being turned into films – confectionary.

Butterfinger, that strange “caramel meets peanut butter but not as good as either one” candy bar, is getting into the movie making business. In a press release this morning, manufacturer Nestle is set to bankroll and produce a 25-minute horror comedy short film called “Butterfinger the 13th”.

Actor/producer Rob Lowe is set to direct the project, described as a “psychological thriller that will leave you laughing”. The film already has a Facebook page and teaser trailer which you can watch below. The film itself will premiere in October.