Rival USS Indianapolis Project Underway

Hannibal Classics is developing “U.S.S Indianapolis: Men of Courage”, a $30 million “action-oriented homage” about the crew of the infamous ship which was torpedoed by a Japanese sub, with hundreds of sailors dying in the shark infested waters while they were adrift and awaiting rescue.

Just yesterday came word that Warners is moving forward with their own film about not just that story but the unjust court martial and eventual exoneration of the ship’s captain, Charles McVay, thanks to a school kid’s investigations into the incident.

Cam Cannon and Richard Rionda Del Castro penned the completed script of the Hannibal film which they say will not deal with the consequences after the incident or McVay’s fate. Rather it’s a “testament” to the crew of the ship and “their will to survive in the face of certain death” they tell Variety.