Rival Christie Biopics Seek Vikander, Stone

Sony Pictures wants Alicia Vikander and Paramount Pictures is after Emma Stone with both being lined up to play mystery author Agatha Christie in rival biopics currently in the works at both studios.

Both projects are set during her early career. Sony’s version with Vikander follows a proto-feminist Christie uninterested in a traditional wife role and finds her life intersecting with the likes of Arthur Conan Doyle and Winston Churchill. Paramount’s version with Stone looks into the famed eleven days where the author went missing in 1926.

The projects are not to be confused with adaptations of her work such as the recent “And Then There Were None” mini-series, the upcoming “Witness for the Prosecution” mini-series, and Kenneth Branagh’s new film adaptation of “Murder on the Orient Express” at 20th Century Fox which begins shooting in November.

The two studios require approval from the Christie estate before receiving a green light, so it becomes a question of which will be ready first? Timing will be interesting as the estate takes its time with approvals – Fox waited seven years to gain approval to make ‘Orient Express’ again.

Outside of Shakespeare, Christie remains history’s most successful author with anywhere from 2-4 billion copies of her books sold.

Source: THR