Ritchie Plans RocknRolla Trilogy

Whilst he’s been in a bit of a slump since “Snatch”, there’s a lot of anticipation for Guy Ritchie’s return to the British gangster film scene with the upcoming “RocknRolla”.

Thandie Newton, the film’s leading actress who is in the US right now promoting “Run Fatboy Run”, tells MTV News that if successful then expect there to be two further follow-ups.

“‘RocknRolla’ is one of three films and Guy’s keen to get going on that straight away. [The second and third films in the series] are going to be excellent. I can’t wait” she enthuses.

The schedule also sounds pretty fast – “We shot incredibly quickly [on the first], there were three weeks pre-production. He just gets on with it. He absolutely does not see challenges as intimidating.”

Newton, who plays crooked accountant Stella, adds that we shouldn’t expect all the characters to return for the sequel – “Well I managed to get away, but a quite a lot of them died. [The sequel] will follow whoever’s left.”

Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven, and Ludacris also star in the flick which opens in October.