Risico Next Bond Story? Sort Of

One of the earliest working titles for the next James Bond film has been “Risico”, the same title given to one of Ian Fleming’s short stories published in his “For Your Eyes Only” collection.

Then two weeks ago talk emerged in the British tabloids that not only will the title be used, but much of the book’s storyline will as well though with characters changed to follow on from events in “Casino Royale”.

In ‘Risico’ Bond is sent by M to investigate a drug smuggling operation based out of Italy that is pumping narcotics into England. M instructs Bond to get in touch with a CIA informant, Kristatos, who in turn tells Bond that a man named Enrico Colombo is behind the racket. His investigations soon uncover some surprising revealtions.

There’s one key problem though – its already been done. Aside from ‘Royale’, 1981’s “For Your Eyes Only” was the long-running film series other most famous ‘reboot’. After the financial success but critical panning of the way too over the top “Moonraker” in 1979, the producers scaled back to a no gadgets more dramatic film that stuck much closer to Fleming’s original work.

The resulting film used the short story “For Your Eyes Only” for much of its first act, “Risico” for most of its second, and framed the rest with some of the series best action/stunt sequences.

Also thrown in is the believable threat of a stolen Enigma-esque nuclear missile coding machine, a secondary Bond girl in the form of Pierce Brosnan’s wife at the time Cassandra Harris, an opening sequence that touches upon the death of Bond’s wife and kills off long-running villain Blofeld, and a great ballad by Sheena Easton.

The film became one of the most critically acclaimed non-Connery Bond films and took in, adjusted for inflation, the equivalent of $462 million worldwide in ticket sales – an amount “Royale” is now hovering at.

So what’s the deal with this talk? After all producer Barbara Broccoli previously confirmed that there were no plans to remake or continue elements or previous films in the Bond series. Well ‘The Other Colonel Sun’, the new monkier for one of the oldest DH sources weighs in with what he’s heard from the camps. Take it for what it is of course, but it sounds far more logical than the tabloid reports:

‘Sun’ claims that “The Risico talk is bulls*&t, none of the story details exist right now – period. Purvis and Wade have thrown around the idea of using some plot threads from the old books that weren’t used in the movies before, but Risico isn’t one of them because its been done. Fact is if they use anything from it at all, it’ll be name only”.

More details are expected to come out shortly as Craig himself indicated during ‘Royale’ promotions that he, the producers and the writers will be sitting down and fleshing out ideas and a plot for the next film in the next month or two.