Riseborough, Kurylenko Seek “Oblivion”

Andrea Riseborough (“W.E.,” “Happy-Go-Lucky”) and Olga Kurylenko (“Quantum of Solace,” “Hitman”) have joined the cast of the Joseph Kosinski-directed untitled sci-fi epic formerly known as “Oblivion” and later “Horizons” at Disney Pictures reports Deadline.

Tom Cruise plays a security drone-repairing soldier and one of the last humans left on the toxic surface of the Earth, the rest of humanity now lives in the clouds.

He finds a woman who crash landed on Earth and the pair go on a journey and learn what they have all been told about Earth may not be true.

Jessica Chastain was previously cast in one of the two key female roles, she’s now out. Michael Arndt is reportedly performing a re-write of the script by William Monahan and Karl Gajdusek.