Ripper/Wells Tale “Time” Becomes A Series

“Scream” film franchise writer and “The Following” creator Kevin Williamson has set up his next series – an ABC drama series adaptation of Karl Alexander’s high-concept 1979 time travel-themed novel “Time After Time”.

The book followed young Victorian-era author H.G. Wells who penned “The Time Machine” and “War Of The Worlds”. Turns out his time machine is quite real and is hijacked by a friend of his, a surgeon named Leslie John Stephenson who is also Jack the Ripper.

With Scotland Yard on his tail Leslie flees to the future – San Francisco 1979 to be precise – and Wells follows in pursuit to try and bring him to justice. Malcolm McDowell, David Warner and Mary Steenburgen starred in a film adaptation of the work.

The show will use that story as a starting off point. What is unknown is the tone – whether it will be more akin to “Elementary,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Journeyman,” or “Quantum Leap” is unclear.

Warner Bros. TV will produce the project which ABC has given a script commitment to. Williamson will write the script and executive produce.

Source: Deadline