Rinsch Out, Scott In For “Alien” Reboot?

Over the last two weeks has came word of an “Alien” prequel in development with original director Ridley Scott and his brother Tony Scott serving as producer. The latter confirmed last week that commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch would be sitting in the director’s chair.

Hold on a minute. According to Entertainment Weekly via Playlist, while the Scott’s have given approval of Rinsch, 20th Century Fox apparently doesn’t want to greenlit the film without Ridley himself at the helm.

Adding to the complications, Rinsch is apparently romantically involved with Ridley’s daughter Jordan. Could the prequel be sunk before it has even got off the ground?

The more important question though, when is Fox going to set a date for the ‘Alien Quadrilogy’ Blu-ray boxset and will they properly remaster at least the first two films for the format, or screw it up like they did with the “Predator” Blu-ray?