Rihanna’s “Star Trek” IMAX Music Video

Several weeks ahead of the release of “Star Trek Beyond,” Paramount Pictures has released the music video to Rihanna’s tie-in single “Sledgehammer” – the first music video shot entirely with IMAX cameras (in this case the Alexa IMAX camera which was also used during the airport fight in “Captain America: Civil War”).

Floria Sigismondi (“The Runaways”) helms the video which sees the singer dressed in stylised make-up in a desert location – in fact the same place they shot portions of “Star Trek V” – dancing around as things ultimately turn cosmic and outright weird (in a good way). The clip also boasts the ship swarm we’ve seen in the trailers for the feature, along with the U.S.S. Enterprise from the Abrams films.

What’s interesting here is that the song itself is quite strong, a decidedly better piece than other tie-in film songs of late such as Fall Out Boy’s “Ghostbusters” theme, and the clip is certainly very pretty if over the top. Those who want to see it on the big screen can check it out from today in IMAX cinemas.