Ridley Scott Talks “Blade Runner” Sequel

Film director Ridley Scott gave a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal about the announced follow-up to his 1982 film classic “Blade Runner” at Alcon Entertainment.

At last report it wasn’t known what kind of follow-up would be – all that was certain is that it would NOT be a remake or reboot.

Now, Scott says the film he’s directing is “liable to be a sequel” and he’s been interviewing writers who can help him with the screenplay.

“I think I’m close to finding a writer that might be able to help me deliver. we’re quite a long way in, actually” says Scott.

Scott’s upcoming “Prometheus” is a sort of prequel meets spinoff to 1979 “Alien” with a story featuring all new characters taking place in the same universe.

This ‘Blade ‘ will also center on all new characters, and asked directly if Harrison Ford’s Deckard would appear in the film Scott says “No, not really.”