Ridley Scott Talks “Alien” Prequels

Talking at the L.A. Times Hero Complex Film Festival, director Ridley Scott revealed that the script for the “Alien” prequel has been completed and pre-production is currently underway according to FearNet.

As previously reported, the focus will be on the origin of the ‘Space Jockey’, the unknown alien pilot of the crashed ship carrying the more familiar xenomorph alien eggs in the original 1979 film. Surprising news though is that this prequel may not be the only one with Scott commenting that a second prequel is planned as events will take place well before the events of “Alien”.

Scott says “If you explain who he [Spacey Jockey] was and where he came from, then that will deal with the savagery of this version, which will be pretty savage. Then you may want to find out where they came from, the place where his people come from.”

Scott has done a lot of underwater research for the upcoming movies which will cover different ground – “The first Alien was honestly The Old Dark House — seven people in the old dark house with a visitor. This will go further into the world of terraforming. We’re thinking about doing it. In fact, if Kennedy had been allowed to continue his space program, we’d probably be on Mars now with a population of nine-thousand people. That’s how far we should have gone.”