Ridley Scott On McCarthy’s “Blood Meridian”

Ridley Scott returns to cinemas this weekend with “The Counselor,” a film based on the first original screenplay by author Cormac McCarthy.

Several years ago, Scott was linked to an adaptation of the author’s most famous and grisly work – the 1985 novel “Blood Meridian”.

William Monahan (“The Departed”) adapted the script and Scott was attached to direct, but the project failed to coalesce and Scott moved on to other films instead.

Called an “anti-western”, the book follows a teenager who has run-ins with a gang of scalp hunters who massacred Native Americans and others in the United States-Mexico borderlands.

Speaking with Time Out, he explains why the project didn’t happen:

“[Studios] didn’t want to make it. The book is so uncompromising, which is what’s great about it. It would have been rated double-X. It’s Hieronymus Bosch, the way McCarthy describes the first time you see several hundred horses with bones and feathers on them, and you can’t see a rider until you’re staring at the Comanche. It’s horrific. He writes in visual images which are spectacular, so it suits me down to the ground.