Riddick Rules Quiet Box-Office Weekend

The sci-fi sequel “Riddick” scored first place at the U.S. weekend box-office with around $18.7 million.

That’s fairly good considering the first weekend of September is always one of the worst of the year, and in the case of 2013 it actually is the worst overall weekend performance so far with the entire Top 12 pulling in just $66.9 million.

The $18.7 million is smack in the middle of the performances of 2000’s “Pitch Black” and 2004’s “The Chronicles of Riddick,” and along lines of expectations. The film also pulled in an additional $7.4 million in several overseas markets.

Last week’s top earner, the 3D concert movie “One Direction: This is Us,” plummeted to sixth place and a whopping 74% to an estimated $4.1 million this weekend. That’s one of the steepest drops ever recorded, but not as bad as the Jonas Brothers movie (77%).

Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” has now pulled in a total $25.4 million, now behind only “Midnight in Paris” as Allen’s most successful recent performer.

Source: Box Office Mojo