Rick Springfield Is Lucifer In “Supernatural”

Musician Rick Springfield (“True Detective,” “Ricki and the Flash”) has been cast as the new vessel for Lucifer in the upcoming twelfth season of The CW’s “Supernatural”.

Lucifer has been a recurring character since the fifth season with Mark Pellegrino taking on the role for the most part. The Devil has popped into other forms though over time including Jared Padalecki’s Sam and more recently Misha Collins’ Castiel from whom he was thrown out towards the end of last season.

Now he’s found a new one with Springfield playing a rock star named Vince Vicente who is down on his luck and trying to make a comeback. Executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb announced the news during the show’s Comic Con panel on Sunday.

With Amara and her reunion with her brother God at the end of last season, the question is – how in the hell are they going to top that? Turns out the plan is to go back to basics with a focus on family reminiscent of the first two seasons. The British Men of Letters, the still uncaged Lucifer, and the return of Winchester’s mother Mary are the big elements this year.

Talking about the return of their mother, star Jensen Ackles says: “It presents a dynamic we haven’t had. When mom [died], Sam was a baby and Dean was a child… The children that she knew are now men, the relationship is kind of nonexistent, so it’s going to be an interesting situation of them trying to bridge the gap that occurred over the last thirty-some years.”

They’ll also deal with the character in a more full-bodied and dimensional way, removing some of the idealised or mythologized take on her the boys have built up in their heads. Similarly, Castiel will revert to his angry and darker original Season 4 iteration. The darker family of Crowley, Rowena and Gavin will also get plenty of focus as the King of Hell seeks revenge on Lucifer.

“Supernatural” returns October 13th.