“Rick & Morty” S3 Still Months Away

Cartoon Network pulled a real surprise on everyone on Saturday with the surprise premiere of the third season of “Rick and Morty” for one day only – just in time for April Fools.

Does that mean the season continues next week? Not so fast. According to Adult Swim’s press release, the rest of season three won’t be airing until later this summer – several months off.

The episode serves as both a standalone and continuation of the second season finale with Rick imprisoned by the Galactic Federation. Nathan Fillion voices an alien sent into a VR prison in which Rick’s mind is being kept with the intention of learning the secret of Rick’s portal gun.

Rick uses the prison to create a fake origin story of the portal gun to escape, but he does it with such ease it has led to speculation the episode may take place in an alternate dimension.

We’ll see what happens for ourselves when the next episode hits this Summer.