“Rick & Morty,” “Gears of War” Duo Plan VR Games

Justin Roiland, the co-creator and voice of many characters on the animated hit series “Rick and Morty,” has teamed up with former Epic Games producer Tanya Watson (“Gears of War,” “Bulletstorm”) to create the virtual reality studio Squanchtendo.

The company aims to explore the possibilities of the technology and how it could be used for comedy combined with great gameplay. Their mission statement: “We want to make stuff that people love. Games that we want to play ourselves. Experiences that we would like to be totally immersed in and enjoy for hours at a time, as well as shorter, crazier experiences that would be great to play with a group of friends or possibly with stray homeless people that you invited in so you could feed and bathe them. So come join us.”

Squanchtendo is currently looking for people to do things for it via the official website which also boasts some fun drawings and this great post which is the most fun looking press release you’ll probably ever see.