Richard Madden Now Rumored For Bond?

Richard Madden Now Rumored For Bond

Even though Craig and new director Cary Fukunaga are locked for the next James Bond film shooting next year, that hasn’t stopped British tabloid speculation about Craig’s successor when the actor departs the role which he’s expected to film for the last time next year.

The Sun this weekend reports that with the success of the mini-series “Bodyguard,” the show’s star and former “Game of Thrones” hunk Richard Madden has reportedly caught the eye of Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli.

A source tells the paper this goes beyond mere wishlist candidacy as well: “It’s seriously looking like he [Madden] is going to get the job. Not only is he on top of Barbara‚Äôs list, but she is preparing to offer the role.”

The likes of Tom Hardy, James Norton and Aidan Turner have all been linked in the past, but Madden has an advantage in terms of age. Casting a new Bond ideally means an actor is in his mid-late 30s when his first film opens and Madden is currently 32 – meaning by the time his first film would hit cinemas, he’ll be in the perfect window.

Craig’s final outing in the role is currently scheduled for a February 2020 release.