Richard E. Grant Is Not Playing Thrawn

Richard E Grant Is Not Playing Thrawn

One familiar name joining “Star Wars: Episode IX” is the legendary Richard E. Grant, the British acting veteran who continues to pop up in blockbusters every now and then including fairly recently serving as the villain in James Mangold’s acclaimed “Logan”.

Of course when Grant’s name was announced, specifics of his character weren’t revealed which has since led to plenty of speculation including that he’ll take on the infamous character of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn has yet to be mentioned or seen in any of the films, but the fan-favorite character has been a huge part of the extended universe materials and the “Star Wars Rebels” animated series.

This week Radio Times got to speak with him about it and asked him straight up if he’s playing Thrawn to which he responded: “I’m not playing the ‘Star Wars’ character you just mentioned. I’m not allowed to tell you anything. Otherwise, I would be fired. It’s a complete lockdown on any information whatsoever.”

J. J. Abrams helms the film which is currently in production ahead of a December 2019 release.