Richard Curtis Does “Who” & Time Travel

“The Boat That Rocked” and “Love Actually” writer/director Richard Curtis is set to pen a one-off episode of the popular family sci-fi series “Doctor Who” for its upcoming 2010 season says The BBC.

Curtis, who has penned many hit British films of the past two decades (“Bridget Jones Diary,” “Notting Hill,” “Four Weddings and a Funeral”), got his start in television writing and producing such classic sitcoms as “Blackadder,” “Mr. Bean” and “The Vicar of Dibley”.

In recent times he’s done a similar one episode guest writing stint for HBO cable series “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” and Brit soap “Casualty”. Curtis says his episode will feature a famous historical figure battling a monster, not an uncommon plot line in various episodes of the show.

The episode will NOT be the WW2-set episode recently spotted filming in Wales last week. “League of Gentlemen” star Mark Gatiss penned that script which sees the Allies using the Daleks to take on the Nazis and has Winston Churchill featuring prominently in the story.

Stephen Fry had been linked to be penning an episode of the show since its revival in 2005 but that plan later fell through, while legendary comics author Neil Gaiman was first rumored (but still not confirmed) a year ago to be potentially penning an episode.

Finally, Curtis says he’s working on a “low-budget” movie about time travel, telling The Sun that “I am very interested in time travel for some reason or other. I am writing a film about it but on a low budget with no spectacular special effects.”