Richard Armitage Is Wolverine… In A Podcast

“The Hobbit” and “Spooks” alum Richard Armitage has been cast as Wolverine – if only in voice form.

Marvel has announced they’re partnering with Stitcher Audio to produce the scripted podcast “Wolverine: The Long Night” which writer Ben Percy describes as a blend of programs such as “Serial,” “S-Town,” “True Detective” and “Unforgiven”.

The story follows two special agents investigating a series of gruesome murders taking place in Burns, a fictional Alaskan town. An amnesiac Wolverine (Armitage) is the agents’ top suspect for the killings, but as they begin to dig into the town’s mysteries they soon learn that all isn’t necessarily as it seems.

The show will boast an investigative format, which makes listeners complicit in the narrative along with elements of comic book themes, Native legends and cultish mythology. Armitage has reportedly already done some work on the project.

Source: Mashable