Reynor, Skarsgard Join Russo’s “Cherry”

Reynor Skarsgard Join Russos Cherry

Jack Reynor (“Midsommar”) and Bill Skarsgard (“IT”) will star and rising actress Ciara Bravo (“Big Time Rush”) will play the female lead opposite Tom Holland in Joe and Anthony Russo’s new and first non-Marvel film “Cherry”.

In the film, Holland will play a former Army medic who returns from Iraq with extreme undiagnosed PTSD, fell into opioid addiction, and began robbing banks. Walker was caught and convicted in 2011, and is scheduled to be released from prison next year.

Jessica Goldberg (“The Path”) co-wrote the script with Angela Otstot (“The Shield”), adapting the work from the novel by Nico Walker. Forrest Goodluck, Jeffrey Wahlberg, Michael Gandolfini and Kyle Harvey co-star while the Russos, Chris Castaldi, Mike Larocca, Jonathan Gray and Matthew Rhodes will all produce.

Source: Collider