Reynolds, Levy, Berlanti Set “Free Guy,” “Editor”

Reynolds Levy Berlanti Set Free Guy Editor

“Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds and “Real Steel” director Shawn Levy are teaming for the comedy “Free Guy” at 20th Century Fox.

The story follows a bank teller stuck in his routine who then he’s a background character in a rather brutal open world, action-adventure video game and he is the only one capable of saving his world.

The project will be produced by Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter and is part of Berlanti’s multi-year film deal at Fox. Also today it has been revealed Berlanti (“Love Simon”) has signed up to direct and produce an adaptation of Steven Rowley’s novel “The Editor” for Fox 2000 which again is a part of his deal.

Rowley will pen the script about a long-struggling novelist who has Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis for an editor and she encourages him to finish his autobiographical book about his dysfunctional family.

Source: Deadline