Review: “You Got Served”

Two energetic and well-choreographed dance sequences do not a movie make, but that’s all we get in “You Got Served” which coming a month after the woeful “Honey” is a real kick in the teeth to films about street dancing and hip hop.

Aside from the team dance-offs and such, all that’s here is a dull teen movie about trying to survive by dealing drugs and brothers reuniting after a girl comes between them. Squeeze in Lil’Kim and standard stock rival dancers and you’ve got the recipe for stock TV movie of the week drama done urban style.

It’s obvious that Director Stokes is trying to emulate the success the surprisingly fresh and feisty “Bring it On” had in showcasing the world of cheerleading or the way “Drumline” managed to make marching bands cool again, but never approaches that level despite adding a whole other odd dimension.

On the one hand it deals in relatively adult issues of drugs and violence, but treats it all with a clean-cut sensibility. Add to this some just plain bad acting and a small role from the ubiquitous Steve Harvey (whose proving to be the weak link of the ‘Kings of Comedy’) and you’ve got a film that’s painful at best, boring at worst.

The dance sequences though are admittedly lively and shot well with impressive co-ordination and technique. The crowd noises oddly drown out the music sometimes but the scene just keeps flowing and this fast relief from an otherwise meanderingly paced affair is a good dose of fresh air.

With a short runtime the film thankfully doesn’t dwell too much in its crap-tacular drama and there’s enough moves on the floor to keep it all moving however limply, but unless you’re easily entertained you’ll have better luck on a sidewalk near a shopping mall than watching this clap trap.