Review: “White Chicks”

The comedy theme of men posing as women and women posing as men has gotten so old that any variation that can be found, Hollywood has tried to explore. As if last month’s women posing as drag queens comedy “Connie & Carla” weren’t stupid enough, “White Chicks” sees the Wayan brothers in full makeup and body suits pretending to be white girls.

Original? Not really. Years ago black British comic Lenny Henry posed as a white guy for a movie, hell around the same time came one of the few good Whoopi Goldberg comedy films “The Associate” which had her posing as a white man. Whilst “The Associate” was just a decent comedy, “White Chicks” barely fits that category.

To be fair it isn’t as bad as the stupid ads let on. The Wayans throw gag after groan-inducing gag at the screen and surprisingly, although it’s all been done before, it does garner a few laughs. It not only steals shamelessly from other movies but plays to all the stereotypes, yet the effort that has gone into it yields a more enjoyable and dare I say slightly smarter movie than the hideous “Scary Movie” franchise.

The early scenes don’t show much promise such as the opening store bust where the dialogue seems near unintelligible, but things pick up when the spoiled twins (Maitland Ward and Anne Dudek as the ultimate ‘valley girls’) arrive and the four rush into a quite funny traffic action sequence. After an ultra quick montage of putting on the bodysuits, much of the rest of the film becomes a series of running gags involving the two taking on society rivals and doing ‘girly things’ like trying on new clothes to trying to fend off the admirations of a horny athlete determined to get it on with one of them.

The laughs are all small, none of the humour stands out as memorable or causes much more than a chuckle but it’s all passable. The makeup on the one hand is excellent and turns the guys into believable busty white chicks, although the facial touches can’t hide the very unusual contact lensed eyes which seem almost alien. It runs a little long and like all the Wayans films could’ve used a more careful script revision, but if you like cheap entertainment that’ll make you smile – it works better than it should.