Review: “Two Weeks Notice”

Two successful comic stars who work well off each other teaming for the first time could’ve picked a far more original vehicle than the lacklustre “Two Weeks Notice”. Screenwriter Marc Lawrence delivered two previous Bullock vehicles with the better than expected “Forces of Nature” and the quite funny “Miss Congeniality,” third time however is not the charm as ‘Notice’ is the worst vehicle that he and the star have done in a long time.

Perhaps that’s because Bullock plays to her weaknesses here – she works best as a light hearted and yet strong and assertive woman who loves life. That doesn’t really apply to this role here which explains why a lot of her lines sound both forced and rather rehearsed. Nevertheless the sole thing that saves this comedy is the stars. Both are strong presences on their own and together their styles bounce off each other quite well even if their characters are somewhat stilted.

Despite the aforementioned problems with Bullock, she still can effectively swap between both the verbal and physical humour required for the part. Grant on the other hand is as strong as always with a role that’s a more laid back and spineless version of his ‘absolute dick’ routine he’s become known for as of late in the likes of “Bridget Jones’ Diary”. Despite the silly setup, its the scenes where the pair are left pretty much to their own devices that work best.

As both a writer & director Marc Lawrence tries a little too hard, especially in the early scenes and as a result a lot of the decisions and character reactions ring false, even for this type of film. Nevertheless the pace moves along amiably and keeps on a steady track with a few cleverly shot segments (eg. the mid-highway toilet trip).

With an old-fashioned soundtrack of some classics, the mood is effectively boosted at key points, an effective use of NYC locations helps too. Predictable and forgettable to the extreme, there’s also nothing particularly bad about it either. In the end this is just another bland studio romantic comedy vehicle ala “The Wedding Planner” and is one that will satisfy the audience its aimed at but leave them wanting a lot more.