Review: “The Mexican”

The long-awaited teaming of Roberts & Pitt comes in a romantic comedy that’s a slight departure from the standard – with mixed results. On one hand you have great performances of the lead actors plus mob hitman James Gandolfini in roles more ‘fiery’ than most characters in this genre. Added to this is Verbinski’s directing and cinematography which capture the eye right away with a visual look that’s quite unique. Even the script is tightly written with some good dialogue.

So what’s the problem? Simply put – it doesn’t gel. You have two entirely different movies playing at the same time with the pair pushed together rather awkwardly toward the end. Pitt’s storyline combines rather creepy atmosphere at times with out and out slapstick comedy and sadly he’s not great at this -?basically playing a screaming dumbass which, every time he shouts “Oh no” I just wanted to punch his face in as the whining got so annoying.

Roberts & Gandolfini’s storyline flows better with some genuine laughs and good character affectations but again it swaps between light fun laughs and dark bursts of violence with such speed it feels somewhat awkward. There’s the occasional shock twist which works, but the film drags on about half an hour too long.

‘The Mexican’ will be enjoyed by fans of the stars, as is though its just an average romantic comedy – not enough laughs or romance but more style than normal. The pair have great chemistry, next time hopefully we’ll get to see them together long enough for it to spark.