Review: “The Jungle Book 2”

Like last year’s “Return to Neverland”, this purely direct-to-video effort should never have gotten a release on the big screen. At a miniscule 65 minutes long and lacking in any sort of life or style which made the original such an endearing adventure, this has zero appeal for the over 8’s whilst even the young uns will be disappointed by the lack of action or visuals.

Starting right where it left off, the flimsy story pretty much ends up back where the original ended with nothing changed for our characters – sure all the old favourites like the Beatles-esque vultures and of course Shere Kahn return but they literally have nothing to do except lamely repeat many of the things they did the first time but without any of the tension or humour it generated.

Its quite sad really – afer all Disney has managed to churn out one animated sequel that’s better than the original before – the brilliant “Toy Story 2”. Its a shame that with more time and care, especially on the script (which ridiculously five writers worked on), so much more could’ve been done for pretty much the same price this piece of trash cost to make.

There’s attempts to introduce new songs, but its the 2-3 originals such as the ‘Bare Necessities’ number which will remain with you afterwards. Charmless, dull and above all irritating – kids will find things far more rewarding on the Cartoon Network and at least that is a hell of a lot cheaper. Best left for a lazy Saturday morning when the kids are high on Fruit Loops.