Review: “The Forsaken”

Those calling this a ‘The WB’ version of “The Lost Boys” isn’t half wrong. While it doesn’t compare to the cinematic fun style of ‘Lost’, Cardone’s “Forsaken” is more of an above average direct to video movie than an actual theatrical film. The solid cast, flashes of violence, some good direction and occasionally clever scenes buoy up the so-so script and unexciting visuals.

Smith proves enjoyable but unremarkable as the ‘straight’ lead Sean, compared to Brendan Fehr’s world weary cynical Nick which allows him to stand out quite well. Miko does well with what few scenes she has, Snodgrass seems to be having great fun, Rex has too few scenes to really judge, and a grey-haired streaked Schaech switches between over the top goofy (mostly towards the end) and some chilling looks (especially in the first half). There’s a few clever scenes – the shooting of the cop, the snake, etc.

Also the mythology of these creatures is quite interesting though unplausible at times (despite the obviousness of the sequel setup at the end). Still, the desert settings mean everything has a dull brown color and while Cardone does what he can to keep things interesting with lots of pit stops that tend to get destroyed, the ‘road parts’ aren’t very engaging such as a pointless ‘chicken’ sequence. Its an urban vampire road movie – purely for car/light horror movie fans. I thought it was ok, fun at times, but could’ve been quite a bit more.