Review: “Space Cowboys”

Clint Eastwood’s latest is a strange movie. On the one side its a comedy with a more consistent and engaging level of laughs than many of the flicks that opened this Summer. On the bad side it has some of the most contrived storylines, weak acting and poor dialogue of any film this year.

Of the main four characters, Donald Sutherland is easily the highlight as the comic relief character of the bunch whilst Eastwood does his usual good job. Jones on the other hand is disappointing, whilst Garner (while good) seems unneeded. Then there’s the supporting characters with Marcia Gay Hayden and William Devane doing some gravely disappointing performances.

Loren Dean and James Cromwell fare a little better as the ‘baddies’ of the bunch, but all are only as good as the weak script that serves them. The concept of the script and the jokes work superbly, but the dialogue is atrocious at times and the storylines aren’t laid out very well – especially toward the end as the laughs quickly fizzle out.

On the upside the FX-filled third act looks superb and the plot takes an interesting twist. Its a very mainstream comedy which most will probably enjoy – its a Summer movie through and through with flashy visuals and little substance.