Review: “Sorority Boys”

A tired concept gets another workout and the result is somewhat of a mixed/bad fare in “Sorority Boys”. On the one hand there are indeed the odd good laughs to be had out of this – whilst many of the more obvious gross out gags (such as Barry Watson showing a suds covered erection) and egotistical frat brother jokes fail miserably, quite a few involving the real girls of the D.O.G. house and how the boys adapt to this new world hit the mark on occasion.

Indeed, Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor on TV’s “Smallville”) comes out of this with the least amount of credibility damaged as he gets to show off the odd bit of great comic talent – there’s a great series of scenes with him insulting hecklers whilst he’s on a sidewalk.

Much like most comedies like this, the comic sidekick characters are way more interesting than the main lead and attempted romance. Watson is a likable fresh faced young guy but he doesn’t have much material to work with, same goes for female lead. There’s always storylines like this in these kind of movies which is a shame as they’re as predictable (and boring) as hell.

Williams is enjoyable but also very familiar as the ‘always wanting to party’ character, and its always good fun to see the likes of Heather Matazzaro and Stephen Furst even if they’re roles aren’t much more than one gag cameos. The humour at the frat parties does get offensive to women every now and then which is a real downer. This certainly isn’t one to rush to cinemas for, it’s a step above “Slackers” I’ll grant you, and fans of Rosenbaum should check it out, but this aint a big screen experience and the theme has been done before and in much better ways.