Review: “Snatch”

Its odd but gangster films I don’t usually get. Whether it be Tarantino or his various clones I just never really get into them as they’re just not my thing – I enjoy the next big action shoot ’em up like the next bloke, but these basically ‘no frillings’ style gangster films full of macho bullshit and attempts to ‘look cool’ by lots o ‘money shots’ of gun hardware just don’t click with me cause they feel like conceited attempts to cover up the fact they have patchy scripts (“Pulp Fiction” being a notable exception as it has an awesome screenplay).

I have yet to see “Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels” so had little expectation going into this except that others were saying its as good as if not better. “Snatch” is designed as a crowd pleaser for Gen-X males and on that level it works – its fast, funny and filled with all sorts of good fun characters. At times Ritchie’s almost “English Michael Bay” style way of editing gets annoying, nevertheless there’s more restraint as it progresses and it helps.

Its unapologetically made for entertainment purposes only and while there’s the omnipresent macho bullshit is there, because this is an English film and Ritchie is quite interesting writer he manages to do stuff with more of an edge than the average bloodbath that most US gangster films dissolve into. Also keeping it buoyant is a superb cast all round with not really a weak link among them. Its certainly one to see with a crowd if you can.