Review: “Proof of Life”

In 1995 Taylor Hackford helmed what I consider the worst Stephen King adaptation yet – the god awfully boring “Dolores Claiborne”. Yet funnily enough he followed that up with the truly great “Devil’s Advocate” which is quite a naughty yet darn good fun film which, for better or worse, unleashed Charlize Theron on the world.

One big miss and one big hit have been followed up by one middle of the road effort. “Proof” is ho-hum sort of movie, there’s a good idea in there for a film but sadly on a whole its nothing interesting. Its certainly no thriller, rather a slow drama which caps off with a bit of action in the last 20 minutes.

Whilst the action is quite good, the drama beforehand is overly long and slow – taking its time to basically go nowhere. David Morse gives one of his usual good performances and is the highlight of the film, whilst David Caruso is actually pretty good in his supporting role.

Sadly the two leads, both of which have great talent, seem to sleepwalk their way through this. Meg hardly shos off any of her range, whilst Crowe seems slightly uncomfortable (probably due to the fact he has to say the word ‘mate’ about fifty times more than the average Aussie would use the term).

The real life events don’t help either, the ‘subtle’ romance angle actually works decently but crowds giggle when they see the pair getting friendly. Its a yawner really, some good elements but certainly nothing to rush out for. Wait for video.