Review: “My Boss’s Daughter”

Pain – thy name is Ashton Kutcher. In all seriousness, the young actor when given the right material can prove a strong comedic talent (such as his “That 70’s Show” work), but of late his film choices have been lacklustre to say the least. Earlier this year Kutcher was in the painfully awful “Just Married”, one of the worst films of the year without question. On top of the tired unfunny jokes, many of which were more squirm-inducing than anything else, Kutcher himself plaid an obnoxious character with all the short temperament of a wife-beater.

The good news is despite the script and material being just as aged and stupid here, Ashton at least is a more sympathetic lead. In fact they’ve gone too far in that way and made him a wimp who keeps stumbling into one bad situation after another and yet manages to stay frustratingly calm way beyond the point of reason. He’s gone from being a bully in ‘Married’ to a pushover in ‘Daughter’.

Not helping are the likes of Tara Reid and Michael Madsen in totally blank supporting roles (and don’t get me started on the woman with the bleeding head, that’s just gross). You can tell great comic talents like Terence Stamp and Molly Shannon are doing this only for the paycheck, yet their presence add the sole smiles this ‘comedy’ induces as there’s not a laugh to be found here – these two at least do their own thing.

The simple premise pushes credibility beyond breaking point as ridiculous situations increase in number and size, none of them particularly effective comedy and in fact undermine the film as they betray both logic and the setup. Here’s a guy whose been repeatedly ordered not to touch anything or let anyone into his boss’s house and yet by the halfway point there’s around a dozen people all deliberately trying to make a mess. Its stupidly made, poorly written and not funny whatsoever – its no surprise it was delaid for ages, what is a shock is that it got theatrical release at all. Still, could be worse – could be “Just Married” after all.