Review: “Life or Something Like It”

‘Life’ proves pretty much what you’d expect. Despite a polished look and an amiable cast, the rather old-fashioned story can’t help dragging up old cliches and unsurprising subplots along the way. What keeps this baby afloat is the cast – Jolie and Burns are likable leads and the pair do have a decent chemistry onscreen even if the characters they inhabit seem very flat.

Jolie’s character is extremely self-involved and stuck up at first, which is why her eventual film style conversion into a decent human being is predictably inevitable. However when it comes to romantic comedies, the key is to have a sympathetic lead and its not till we’re a long way into the action that we start warming up to her. Burns’ character on the other hand is so down-to-earth its kind of intimidating and annoying at times. In reality he wouldn’t even begin to bother with someone like Jolie’s character.

The resolutions again seem kind of outdated and rushed, whilst other characters like Jolie’s baseball playing boyfriend are just so one-dimensional that it seems like the filmmakers aren’t even trying. Stockard Channing is a solid supporter in the role of a Diane Sawyer-esque reporter who is Jolie’s idol, but Shaloub turns in a disappointing go as the horribly underwritten ‘Prophet Jack’. For what it is, a light fluffy video puff piece about realising one should live their life and not an ‘image’ that we picture as an ideal life, it does what it sets out to do. There’s nothing particularly bad about it, but nothing particularly good either. Sad to say, but its mediocre in the extreme.