Review: “Legally Blonde”

Clueless-lite is a good way to describe this MGM comedy about dumb blondes. ‘Legally’ is harmless, predictable good fun that’s bound to lighten one’s mood – it plays it safe all the way, and yet still works well on that level.

The storyline is very simple and predictable but its only secondary anyway, the film entirely relies on Witherspoon’s charisma and she pulls it off in style – easily owning film and outshining the always good yet underwritten Matt Davis & Selma Blair.

The supporting cast really make this movie – Jennifer Coolidge is back and doing her usual fun ‘dumb bimbo’ schtick, Luke Wilson is a surprisingly engaging love interest (though his and Reese’s chemistry is not up there with Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd), and the more said about the dog the better. Also really shining is Ali Larter who does a complete 180 from “Final Destination” and give us a real blond femme fatale with a hard edge.

A lot of credit should go to first time feature director Robert Luketic. The young Aussie has given us a smooth end product that looks to have been done by a veteran professional – the pacing never drops, the camera moves are interesting but not overt, and combined with some really wild and outstanding production design/costuming he’s given the film a very distinct yet pleasing look.

Great use of colors, clothes and hair styles. The plot is conventional (and unbelievable but passable), especially during the setup, though the trial sequence is good fun albeit a little too short.

There are several scenes one would’ve liked to have seen with more development but that would mean sacrificing the pace and as is its very tight. There could be some more laughs of course, and it lacks the freshness and edge which made “Clueless” a benchmark in this arena, but as Summer films go its a good escape – and a winner.