Review: “Josie and the Pussycats”

If you see the ads you’ll think this is simply an over hyped film designed purely to appeal to young girls and in the process get away with more product placement than you can shake a stick at – well, actually it is but thankfully its not as dumb as it first appears.

Josie is “Spiceworld” done American style, a crap base to build on to be sure. Nevertheless what lifts it from the mundane to the watchable are some decent performances and mostly a nice level of satire about the music industry and pop culture in general – something never hinted at in any of the ads but is prevalent throughout the movie.

Make no mistake this is still a kids film and compared with something like say “Spy Kids” it falls quite short, still its nice and peppy enough to keep one engaged – its far from being a good film, but its never particularly boring either especially if your a fan of picking out references and in jokes.

Both Cooke and Cumming especially are very good, Dawson and Reid are so-so (as much as Reid was annoying at times I admire her guts playing this character), whilst Posey is WAY too over the top for words which doesn’t work. Most of the other roles are forgettable, Carson Daly’s role ismore a cameo joke than anything else.

Whilst the script is horrible in story, some of the dialogue is clever but otherwise its a throwaway – same goes for the score. Still, decent directing and a few laughs (the boy band gags are esp. funny) make this a nice one for the kids, but that’s about all.