Review: “Jackass”

Dumb but occasionally shocking or fun, “Jackass The Movie” takes the hit MTV show and expands it on the big screen in pretty much the exact same format and style you see on TV – just stretched out to an 80 minute length.

There’s no linear plot or story, and thankfully no attempt at some stupid Hollywood subplot (ie. beautiful FBI agent sent in to investigate the group for drug smuggling), rather this is just a loose collection of skits with maybe a bit more male nudity than shown on TV but otherwise just like it.

Is that necessarily a good thing though? On the one hand fans will know exactly what they’re getting and will welcome it, on the other though many will say why bother paying to see stuff at the movies that one can watch on the small screen for free every week. After all this isn’t exactly a movie that stresses the digital sound, production design or visual FX realms and in fact contains the most severe shaky camera this side of “Blair Witch” which will cause some to lose their stomach contents more than the half dozen times on screen someone vomits in close-up.

Even at the almost record short time for a major live-action movie this year, the film still feels overly long and padded but when it works it works well. Its funniest when it at least looks natural such as the hilarious reaction by Bam Margera’s mother to an alligator in the kitchen, in fact the gators play a part in one of the best scenes where a guy crosses a tightrope over the creatures’ pool with a bit of meat dangling down from his ass.

Others are dumb but just compelling to watch and so painful you can’t help but shake – from Knoxville getting paper cuts on the spaces between his fingers and toes to a guy inhaling Wasabi sauce up his nose. Henry Rollins has a great cameo going apesh*t whilst a guy gets tattooed in the back of his jeep as its going on a fast offroad drive.

Other good segments include: Panda Suit Fun, Bowling Alley slide, Golf Cart Rally, Alligator Nipple Biting, Fireworks Wakeup, Mousetraps, Bunjee Wedgie, Riot Control Test, Ass Kicked by Girl, Tropical Pole Vaulting, Roller Disco Truck, The Gong, Grinding the Rail, Sweaty Fat Fucks, Instore Boxing, Whale Shark Swimming, Tidal Wave, Genital Fireworks, Golf Course Airhorn, The Burglars and Butt X-Ray

That’s not to say there’s a lot of misfires too, one guy pisses in a snowcone and eats it which just makes you want to puke. Others are just plain mean such as segments like Destroying a Car Rental, Electric Muscle Stimulation, Thong Partying in Tokyo, Toilet Store Usage and Razor Clipper Attack.

These ultimiate fratboys who never grew up have a good chemistry together and poke fun at themselves and each other way more than other people though which is part of their charm. So the question becomes is it worth seeing? If you like and can’t get enough of the series then sure, this is perfect for you. Its dumb collegiate fun and those who appreciate the gags revolving around sticking things up people’s asses will get a kick out of this. It hits the mark more than it should and while there are dumb or slow spots overall its quite fun but I’d wait for video.