Review: “In Dreams”

Some of the best films of the 90’s have been serial killer films. From the completely faultless masterpiece that is “The Silence of the Lambs”, through the dark twisting imagery of “Seven”, to the slick writing and performances in “Copycat”, for the most part these have been immensley enjoyable and watchable films. “In Dreams” is a film which shows the worst of the genre – its slow, depressing, poorly-written and predictable. The only thing saving it from complete trash is some superb imagery from the mind of Neill Jordan and well-shot sequences from Darius Khondji (who seems to be THE man for shooting anything underwater).

To put it bluntly, this is the weakest film since last year’s “What Dreams May Come” – both films are so dull they feel about three times as long as they actually are. Both also contained such great talent, the question remains – what the hell went wrong? All the actors (esp. Benning) put in good performances, but in the end the problems come down to two things – script and pacing.

The writing in this gets really bad, Benning’s character is on the verge of becoming a manic depressive for the whole film – her role requires her to basically just scream non-stop for 90 minutes. None of the other supporting roles add any real substance and are very quickly forgettable. The pivotal ‘meeting’ scene between hero and killer, which is usually the best in all these kind-of-flicks, is the worst scene in the entire film – I seriously was aching to walkout it was so dull.

There’s no tension whatsoever in the film, while the scare factor is non-existent. If your frightened by a ‘Prodigy’ music video then you’ll be scared by this, otherwise you’ll yawn most fo the way. Some brilliant photography and one cool idea (flooded village), isn’t enough to save what is one of the worst films of the year – a real waste of talent which could’ve made something very good and ended up with something barely watchable.