Review: “Honey”

Oooh boy, whoever greenlit this baby is going to have some explaining to do. Despite reports, “Honey” is far from being a horrible film or one of the worst of the year, that’s giving it far too much credit.

In actuality, “Honey” is a simple “Save the Last Dance” clone TV movie which for some reason ended up on the big screen (and admittedly Jessica Alba is hotter than Julia Stiles).

Ever cliche you could think of is here – hot girl dreaming of more, found by young producer who wants girls that are hot but eventually must put out, a best friend who forgives at a drop of a hat and delivers the right encouragement speech at the right time, etc.

Throw in famous rapper cameos, music video sets to make things look expensive, and a ‘benefit’ concert to help the young neighbourhood kids trying to go straight. Its so sadly predictable it plays purely like a comedy and the run of the mill editing and production don’t help (although some of the sets are admittedly cool).

Alba is an interesting find and does a decent acting job which is more than can be said for the rest of the cast. Only one person leaves this mess with their credibility intact and that’s Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott who has two fun cameo scenes in the film’s last act.

Critics could spend hours coming up with ways to creatively bash this turkey but honestly its not worth the effort. “Honey” is designed to appeal to pre-teen girls and for that crowd it works beautifully – however there’s no crossover appeal whatsoever except for the masochists out there.