Review: “Dracula 2000”

I admit it, I’m a sucker for bad movies. “Dracula 2000” may well have been direct to video, the quality is pretty much at that level – the script is bad, some of the acting way over the top and so forth, but its still good cornball fun.

A shame really as the film kicks off with the intriguing and original premise that Dracula has been sealed in his coffin in a huge hi-tech underground vault which thieves break into thinking there are riches. A great setup and enjoyable opening sequence however are pretty much all this has going for it.

The actors involved in this know its schlock and play it for what it is – that’s a good thing actually. Jeri Ryan, Jennifer Esposito, Vitamin C, Johnny Lee Miller and Christopher Plummer all have solid yet fun supporting parts, and if you get into the cheesiness of the whole thing you’ll go along for the ride. Ultimately the action falls on the two leads which, combined with a weak script, is where the film falls down.

Gerard Butler is an interesting actor, he’s got that handsome & brooding look downpat but in a rather unconventional movie star way. When he’s got his normal face on he works in the role, but when the Drac eyes and wild grinning comes up its more laughable than even remotely scary. Waddell is an average heroinne, nothing more or less but the biggest problem is that both really lack any chemistry which ultimately is the film’s downfall and even a clever ending twist can’t save it.