Review: “Dinosaur”

One of (if not the) most expensive film ever made – though the money could’ve been better spent. In terms of visuals “Dinosaur” is spectacular – combining live action vistas that are some of the most wonderous on Earth with CG characters is a great idea.

The creatures themselves seem cartoonish in their faces, but body and skin textures are spot on whilst things like lemur hair looks amazing. On top of that the action sequences are excellent and even times when there’s lots going on or shots you would expect to be tricky (eg. a Dino swimming in a rough ocean), the artistry team make it look about 99% real.

But while it may look great, the film’s story however is very conventional. Its simple enough to appeal to kids and won’t adversely affect even the littlies, but other Disney animated flicks in the past like “Aladdin”, “The Lion King” and the “Toy Story” movies were designed in a way so that adults could get just as much enjoyment at a whole other level as the kids.

That hasn’t applied here, whilst sometimes the film resorts to very overdone sub plots like a dying supporting character, a stubborn leader, and patchy dialogue which at times ruins the whole mood of the film. Visually the elements are all there to have made it Disney’s biggest hit since “The Lion King”. Sadly, with so much money involved, the script has been watered down to be as non-offensive and wide appealing as possible – thus the 82-minute feature tells an enjoyable but easily forgettable story.

This isn’t a film the kids will want to watch over and over, but it’ll certainly shut ’em up for an afternoon and may even surprise or satisfy you with some of the beautiful scenery.