Review: “Cherry Falls”

You have to give Geoffrey Wright credit. In a time when teen horror flicks are ordinary despite all the false pre-tense in interviews by the cast & crew to the contrary, Wright is proud to stand up and say he wanted to make a horror/comedy trash flick and he’s succeeded. Make no mistake, if you like your scary movies to be scary you will LOATHE this movie, it has much more in common with corny Anaconda humour than it does with other recent teen vaguely suspenseful flicks like “Scream”.

“Cherry Falls” certainly won’t go down as one of the more distinctive efforts in the genre, its too derivative for that, nevertheless its an average movie which proves surprisingly good fun at times. The acting is corny, the concept ripe for making fun of, yet it wallows in its own ridiculousness which is why its mildly entertaining. The murders themselves are dark and gory, committed by a long black-haired chick (whose face you never see) in stockings and a mini-skirt.

The story surrounding the killer is actually decently layed out and despite the standard ‘killer tells all’ confession crap at the end, the motives are vaguely believable (though why choose virgins as targets isn’t well explained at all). Then there’s the sex – while there’s no nudity sadly, there’s lots of talk about it – I can’t count how many times the word hymen is used in this. Its also funny to see how obsessed American teens are with losing their virginity, the film makes it seem like such a huge rite of passage for guys aged over 15 who haven’t “popped their cherry” yet.

One thing about these students, if you can call them that, almost all have fully developed breasts or buff six-packs – don’t they ever use teenagers to actually play teenagers any more instead of the mid-20’s actors they use now?. There’s a great scene where the popular school slut addresses the other girls that’s darn funny, whilst there’s also a good chase scene through empty school halls and labs when the killer first goes after our heroinne.

Sadly the movie fizzes toward the end when it takes itself seriously, but for the most part it’s pure trash all the way…fun trash at times too. Not a film for horror buffs, rather those who can appreciate the cheesy humour of stuff like “Jerry Springer”, “Anaconda” and “Wild Things”.