Review: “Bounce”

Sometimes a filmmaker dazzles us with a movie that their follow-up can be somewhat of a let down. A few years ago writer/director Don Roos made “The Opposite of Sex”, a very under-rated movie which is a hilarious comedy thanks to a geat script and the best performances of the careers so far of Christina Ricci and Lisa Kudrow.

That film left such an impression that the rather ho-hum trailer to this didn’t turn me away from expecting something good. What I saw however was, to say the least, a major disappointment. Aside from the big name actors, everything about this film screams like something you’d see on Hallmark – its a soppy made-for-TV melodrama which looks cheap and is very conventional and predictable. Aside from Affleck’s pushy secretary (Galecki) who gets some good laughs, the rest of the movie is completely forgettable.

Affleck and Paltrow do have chemistry and it certainly shows, but they’re stuck in the rather ordinary conventions of the story. I really like Affleck as an actor but in terms of emotional displays he seems a bit wooden – mainly because he’s up against Paltrow who, despite what some may think of her, can certainly handle playing emotional scenes extremely well.

Roos’ “Opposite” sparked with fire and originality, this seems like it has come from a completely different filmmaker – not because its a drama (which I don’t mind) but the fact its such an ordinary and rather dull one. Its a big step back sadly, I hope his next attempt proves better.