“Resident Evil 2” Launch & Live-Action Trailers

Resident Evil 2 Launch Live Action Trailers

Capcom has premiered two trailers for their upcoming remake of the iconic video game “Resident Evil 2” which hits stores and gaming platforms tomorrow.

The first is a launch trailer, while the second is a live-action one that serves as a homage to George Romero’s original live-action trailer for the original 1998 PlayStation game.

The sequel’s story is set two months after the previous game. In Raccoon City, most of the citizens have been infected with the T-virus, causing them to turn into zombies. Leon S. Kennedy is a rookie cop and Claire Redfield is a college student looking for her brother.

The original is widely considered one of the greatest games ever made and the remake has scored top marks so far with the PS4 version racking up a 91/100 on Metacritic.