Renny Harlin Talks “Hercules 3D” Scale

Dwayne Johnson isn’t the only one playing the ancient Greek warrior Hercules next year.

Kellan Lutz, Liam McIntyre and Scott Adkins star in Renny Harlin’s “Hercules 3D” which was shot in Bulgaria at the same facilities as the upcoming “300: Rise of an Empire”. The always fun Harlin recently spoke with Superhero Hype about the film.

“The action is really big and fun, but at the heart of it all is a great love story. This is an origin story, that introduces him to people who might not know who Hercules is or it’s for those who have a cartoon-y idea of who he is, carrying around big things.”

While the Brett Ratner-directed film with Johnson is trying to do the down and dirty, no gods approach that has become all too familiar these days, Harlin’s version is aiming for something on a grander scale.

“This is the story of a young man who comes to terms with who he is and how he has much more responsibility. His father is Zeus and his mother was mortal, and he has a much bigger mission in his life. It’s about fulfilling your destiny and responsibilities.

It’s an epic adventure story and he wants to be reunited with this girl who was ripped away from him. We have some amazing actors. You’re going to see Kellan Lutz in a way you’ve never seen. It’s just a big scale story and I’m excited to show the world next spring.

I have a battle scene that lasts six minutes that is all one shot. [It] covers a sea battle and ground battle and hand to hand combat and sword fighting, spears and bows and arrows and flying boulders, all done in one shot that never cuts. I’ll give you that spoiler. That’s one of the biggest shots I’ve ever created.”

The film is currently in post-production and will be delivered to the studio in the early Fall.