Renny Harlin On “Long Kiss” Sequel

Out doing promotions for “12 Rounds”, director Renny Harlin (“CLiffhanger,” “Die Hard 2”) revealed that a sequel to his 1996 hit “The Long Kiss Goodnight” is in the works, but it may be a while off.

“You know I would love to [make the sequel] and I’ve talked about it but it’s definitely a rumour. Right now there’s nothing really cooking on it” said the Finnish director this week to Moviehole.

In the original, Geena Davis played spy Samantha Caine who lost her memory and became a housewife. Soon her real memories and skills start to re-emerge and Mitch Henessey (Samuel L. Jackson) gets pulled along for the ride as she hunts down those who tried to kill her.

The sequel would focus on Jackson alone and Harlin admits he has a story ready for it – “I do have a story line for it, that I worked out and I know exactly what would happen and I think it would be fantastic and I can reveal as much as saying it would be Sam Jackson to his misfortune crossing paths with Geena Davis’s daughter from the first movie who in the first movie was about six years old and who would now be about 19 or 20.”