Renner Wants To Do Another “Bourne”

The release of “Jason Bourne” last year made the weakly received Matt Damon-less previous entry “The Bourne Legacy” look surprisingly better in retrospect. Even so, both films seem like pale imitations of what remains one of the most consistent quality action film trilogies of the 21st century.

At last report, the film series’ producer Frank Marshall is angling for another one and made it clear that Aaron Cross, the hero of “The Bourne Legacy” played by Jeremy Renner, will not be returning to the big screen.

Matt Damon certainly sounds in no rush to return, but this week Renner has surprised in comments to Collider indicating that he is ready and willing to reprise the role should he be asked:

“I mean, the willingness on my part is there ’cause that to me is where a movie … Like we were talking about the differences between a big movie and then like a small movie, as far as like maybe budget.

Well, this is when that in shooting ‘Bourne Legacy’ there’s a lot of complexity in the character and it felt like shooting a small independent movie only because, not so much cause of the budget, just because there’s a small team. It was like [DP Robert] Elswit and our director and the writer and we were all just there in the mountains doing this and doing that and a lot of action and a lot of fun things to do, but there’s a communion and a heavily emotional investment into what we were doing.

So, I really really enjoyed shooting that movie, and so my desire and will in wanting to do that is yes, but it has to be … an audience has to want that and the studio. There’s a lot of other people. It’s kind of outside my pay grade to make those decisions, but yeah I’d want to do that. It’s interesting you mentioned sort of that mid budget film and it is sort of harder to keep finding those and the sort of way to get the collaboration of an indie with a slightly higher budget.”

Despite talks of it being mid-budget, ‘Legacy’ still cost Universal a somewhat pricey $125 million budget to gross $276.1 million worldwide, whereas the Damon-led “Jason Bourne” cost $5 million less to produce and made $415.5 million worldwide.