Renner Set For “Story,” “Captain America”

Jeremy Renner is set to star opposite Amy Adams in Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi drama “Story of Your Life” at Paramount Pictures, FilmNation, Lava Bear Films and 21 Laps.

An adaptation of Ted Chiang’s short story, the story is set in motion when alien crafts land around the world. Adams plays an expert linguist recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat.

As she learns to communicate with them, she begins experiencing vivid flashbacks that help unlock the greater mystery about the true purpose of their visit.

Renner will play a physics professor paired by the government with the linguist to help communicate with the aliens. Eric Heisserer has written the script for the project, which is being produced by Glen Basner, David Linde, Shawn Levy and Dan Levine.

Runner is also confirmed to have a role in “Captain America: Civil War” as previously rumored. Renner will shoot that first, then segue into ‘Story’ in mid-June.

Source: Heat Vision