Renner On “Hansel” Sequel Chances

Comments came the other day from “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” writer/director Tommy Wirkola that the sequel to that film is still moving along with the script seemingly done and an issue of scheduling of its leading man Jeremy Renner being the main hang up.

Now, Renner has sat down with Cinema Blend as part of his promotional tour commitments for “Kill the Messenger”. During that interview he was asked if he was signed on for the R-rated fairy tale sequel:

“Not that I’m aware of, no. I know they’re going to make one. I know they’re writing a script. And that’s when they will probably engage with any talent.”

Told his availability might be an obstacle to the film getting made, he says:

“It’s always an obstacle at this point… It’s good to be busy. Yeah that movie ended up playing very well across the world. That was pretty awesome. I only heard that they were going to make another one. But that’s all that I know.”

So they haven’t contacted him yet?

“Yeah (they have not), and it’s ultimately going to come down to–I know they have a release date and they really want to get it out there–but I have to have the time. I’m only one man, right? And then also Gemma’s availability. It’ll come down to availability I’m sure. “

Would he be interested in returning?

“I don’t have any problem with it. Yeah. It was a lot of fun. It was fun to do that movie, and just have a ball. “

Paramount is reportedly targeting a 2016 release for the follow-up.