Renee Zellweger Talks Why She Quit Movies

The return of the Bridget Jones character to screen in “Bridget Jones’s Diary” also marks a return of its star Renee Zellweger who hasn’t appeared in a film since 2010’s “My Own Love Song”. Before that point the actress had been fairly steadily making about two films a year – and as many as four in 2009.

So why did she take a break from acting? Talking with People at a press conference with the cast and filmmakers, Zellweger discussed her taking time out:

“I wanted to learn something that had nothing to do with researching a character. I wanted to learn some things beyond the scope of what you are exposed to in filmmaking in Hollywood. And I was craving a little normalcy. I wanted to learn something new and grow as a person and see if I had aptitude for these things that interest me. And if not now, it would be, ‘Oh in two more years, or three years, then ten years’, and then just, ultimately, you just don’t do them. And I didn’t want that to happen.

So that begs the obvious question, what was it that drew her back? Turns out she missed it:

“It was a really gradual thing. I just started looking around, reading some things. I was just curious and had missed it. I have a new perspective. I worked on the other side of the camera quite a bit while I was taking a little filming hiatus.”

“Bridget Jones’s Baby” will be in theaters on September 16th.